• Most Reliable Cars

It’s no secret that having to have your car get towed sucks. Fortunately, some brands are better than others, and reliability should certainly be a factor when purchasing a new vehicle. These brands were celebrated by ConsumerReport.org and are the best you can find this year.


This year, Toyota was the top dog both in its main brand, as well as with Lexus. Together, they made up nine out of the fourteen most reliable vehicles, including pickups, SUVs, and compact cars. They even avoided having even one spot on the Least Reliable list, making it worth your consideration.


Hyundai, and its subsidiary, Kia, scored two spots on the Reliable list and also avoided being included on the least Reliable list. The Hyundai Azera took the title of Most Reliable Large Cars, while the Kia Optima took the spot of Most Reliable Midsized Cars.

Honorable Mention

The best Luxury Midsized vehicle went to the Infiniti Q70, while Ford claimed the title for Large SUVs with the Expedition. Finally, Mercedes-Benz took the Luxury Compact title with their GLC.

While these don’t guarantee a Get Out of Towing Free card, it certainly helps knowing your car is going to the extra mile with a smart buying decision.


  • Least Reliable Cars


For every winner in life, there has to be a loser, and unfortunately, with consumer vehicles this still holds true. If you are in the market for a new car or truck, it may be best to steer clear of these Least Reliable vehicles, chosen by ConsumerReport.org.

Fiat Chrysler

Fiat Chrysler is not having a great year, earning a whopping six cars on the Least Reliable list out of fourteen total spots, including pickup, SUVs, Minivans, and Midsized and Large Cars. Maybe you should go for a nice Toyota this year.


Between Ford and Lincoln, four spots were earned, including the Subcompact and Compact Cars by the Fiesta and Focus, respectively, as well as Sporty Cars with the Ford Mustang and Luxury Compact SUVs with the Lincoln MKC.

General Motors

It’s a bad year for buying American. The Chevy Suburban tied with its brother the GMC Yukon XL for Least Reliable Large SUV class. And although they still seem popular, the Cadillac Escalade was voted Least Reliable Luxury Midsized/Large SUV group.

It seems like the Big Three are having a tough go of it this year. If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle, it looks like the best route is with a foreign manufacturer.

  • How Do I Repair My Broken Or Cracked Windshield?

Did your windshield just get nicked while you were driving? Before you start to panic and get yourself all worked up, take a close look at the windshield damage with a magnifying glass. It may be feasible to repair the windshield crack as an alternative to replacing the windshield entirely. There is a technique available to inject any acrylic or epoxy or even a filler into the chip.

There are numerous types of cracks and windshield chips that can be fixed without a total windshield replacement. Retailers have many DIY repair kits available for you to use, as well as the most common way which is to use acrylic or epoxy to restore a cracked windshield.

However, if you are not comfortable fixing it yourself, most insurance agencies will cover the repair to your windshield entirely, and it only takes a moment to check your coverage. Many windshield repair companies will happily come to you at your home or work and do the job without disrupting your routine.

Letting this go is not only dangerous but foolish because the longer it goes unfixed, the worse the problem gets. What could have been a ten-minute, chip repair may instead lead to an entire windshield needing to be replaced or risk the safety of all involved as well as a hefty fine if the seen by a local law enforcement officer.