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There’s no denying that towing is dangerous work. From angry and emotional drivers, to traffic hazards, long hours and not a lot of downtime, it can be rough business. And unfortunately, sometimes it’s fatal.

Earlier this month, it was just a bad night to be on the road in Ruskin, Florida. Out on the 1-75, cops pulled over three street racers in the wee hours, about 4 am. As a result, Sunpoint Towing’s Troy McGuire was towing them away. Unfortunately, a driver in a pickup truck did not observe the state’s “move over, slow down” law. Rather than change lanes for the responding vehicles, the driver wound up striking, and killing, McGuire.

On the 30th, over 50 local tow drivers will be participating in a procession to not only honor McGuire, but bring about awareness for the “move over” law, as well as a plea to not drink and drive. Hopefully, the end result of this tragedy is increased awareness and safer drivers.

No matter how experienced or safe you may operate your truck, please take any measures you can think of to protect yourself. Even if they seem silly, it’s better to look kind of dumb than not make it home.

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